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Adidas Door Gym
Adidas Door Gym
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Adidas Door Gym

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Product Features

  • Can also be used on the floor for press-ups and tricep dips
  • Counterbalance system secures the product safely to the majority of doors
  • Designed to improve grip strength and isometric ability in the shoulders and upper back
  • Enables the user to perform a range of highly effective upper and lower body exercises using body weight
  • Four hand grip options: close, wide, hammer and inverted

Using a counterbalance system to secure itself in position, the adidas Door Gym enables the user to perform an impressive range of highly effective upper and lower body exercises using their body weight as the resistance.

With four hand grip options including close, wide, hammer and inverted, the Door Gym provides an alternative to, or complements, weight training. 

The counterbalance system secures the product safely in position on the door frame and you can also use the equipment on the ground to perform push-ups or tricep dips.


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