Play and win an Osmo Starter Kit!


  1. In order to be declared a winner you must like our facebook page and follow us on instagram
  2. Each day this week we will provide you with hints to a four-digit numerical code needed to win the Osmo Starter Kit.  We will be posting four hints which directly relate to the four numbers you need to find. You can find those hints on our facebook and instagram pages. On Friday 29/1/16, we will be providing you with the last hint.
  3. Please submit the four-digit code by inbox (on facebook) by Saturday (30/1/16) 5:00 pm, we will not accept any submissions after 5:00pm. Please refrain from providing the answers to the general public, doing so will get you disqualified from the competition.
  4. All correct submissions will be put in a draw, and the winner will be selected at random. 


Hint #1 would be the first digit of the four digit code. As a possible hint, we would ask: How many collections do we have in our collections menu on the website? 

(The answer is 9)

9 _ _ _