Little Live Pets S3 Lil Mouse House
Little Live Pets S3 Lil Mouse House
Little Live Pets S3 Lil Mouse House
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Little Live Pets S3 Lil Mouse House

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  • Product Type: Toys
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Product Features

  • Make sure your Lil' Mouse feels at home in its own portable Mouse House.
  • Watch them spin in their wheel then run out the door to their playzone! Comes with All-New Exclusive Lil' Mouse to collect.
  • Comes with Lil' Mouse to collect.
  • Random Mouse will be sent with every order...

Invite a mouse into your house! They are cute scootin’ Lil friends who are full of personality! Little Live Pets Lil’ Mouse will make you squeal… with delight! These adventurous little mice love whirl and twirl to their own music! They all have their own unique sounds and movements. Hold them in the palm of your hand to calm them or tickle their back to make them scoot! Your new mouse friend moves and squeaks just like a real mouse! The more you pet them the happier they become.

Brand Little Live Pets 
Product Category
Collection Mice
Character Random
Batteries Included
Age 5-8 Years


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