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Electrolux Vaccuum Cleaner ZSPC2010 Silent Performer Cyclonic
Electrolux Vaccuum Cleaner ZSPC2010 Silent Performer Cyclonic
Electrolux Vaccuum Cleaner ZSPC2010 Silent Performer Cyclonic
Electrolux Vaccuum Cleaner ZSPC2010 Silent Performer Cyclonic
  • SKU: ZSPC2010

Electrolux Vaccuum Cleaner ZSPC2010 Silent Performer Cyclonic

$ 1,792.00 USD

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Product Features

  • Type: normal
  • Cleaning: dry
  • Power consumption: 2000 W
  • Suction power: 300 kW
  • Dust collector : cyclone
  • Dust collector volume: 1.4L
  • Additional nozzle: Parketto Nozzle

Clean without noise. SilentPerformer ™ Cyclonic was designed with silence in mind. Optimized engine to reduce noise, the special design of the dust container and the new silent DustPro ™ nozzle reduce noise during cleaning without compromising performance.

Clean Air Filtration ™ - Great Filtration, Cleaner Home
Thanks to the hygienic filter or the Allergy Plus filter, the SilentPerformer ™ Cyclonic is ideal for removing allergens and other contaminants from the air. With it, you will feel at home, even if your sensitivity to the environment is increased.
Easy Empty ™ makes it easy to clean the container after cleaning.
Drive dust out of your home forever. Easy Empty ™ system allows you to conveniently get rid of all the dust collected during the cleaning of the house, and will help to permanently and completely expel the dust from your house. Just grab a container and empty it into a trash can on the street.

The only silent all-floor bagless vacuum cleaner with Silence Pro system for a silent cleaning experience and exceptional deep cleaning results.

  • Silence Pro System for quieter cleaning: Clean without the noise. The SilentPerformer Cyclonic has been built with silence in mind. A noise-optimised motor, together with the construction of the canister and the new DustPro silent nozzle ensure quieter cleaning without compromising on performance.
  • Clean-air filtration for a healthier and allergy-friendly home.With a hygiene or an allergy plus filter, the SilentPerformer Cyclonic is perfectly equipped to take care of allergens and other pollutants in the air. So you can be sure to feel at home even if you are more sensitive to your environment.
  • Empty system for quick & hygienic emptying.Keep dust outside of your home for good. The Easy Empty system lets you conveniently clear out all the dust you took up while caring for your home, so that you can keep it completely dust-free. Simply take out the container and empty it over a dustbin outside.

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