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De'longhi Blue Flame DHG-VBF Gaz Heater

De'longhi Blue Flame DHG-VBF Gaz Heater

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Product Features

  • Maximum power: 4200 Watt.
  • Variable flame control system: flame power can be manual or automatically adjusted according to room desired temperature
  • Exclusive De’Longhi double safety system: two safety devices immediately interrupt the flow of gas in case of flame failure or if the percentage of carbon dioxide in the air exceeds 1.5%.
  • Robust and effective protection grid, safely protecting user and leaving maximum heat coming out of the unit.
  • Highly sensitive thermostat for the selection and maintenance of the ideal temperature, through flame control.
  • Metal back cover for a maximum reliability and safety.
  • Elegant and innovative aesthetics with varnished steel cabinet and no sharp corners.
  • Easy to move, thanks to its castors.


Metal back cover for the maximum reliability and safety


Automatic modulation device, automatically adjusts flame power according to temperature set.


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