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GoPro Rechargeable Battery for HERO5 Black -
  • SKU: AABAT-001-EU

GoPro Rechargeable Battery for HERO5 Black

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Product Features

  • 1220 mAh Li-Ion Battery
  • Compatible with USB-C Rapid Charging
  • Communicates Exact Battery Percentage

Pop a fully charged GoPro Rechargeable Battery into your HERO5 Black camera and capture your adventures. This rechargeable battery is based on a lithium-ion chemistry and has a capacity of 1220 mAh, slightly larger than the previous generation battery. Despite the size improvement, charge times have improved with this generation as well by taking advantage of the USB-C rapid charging feature. Additionally, an integrated authentication chip handshakes with the HERO5 Black communicating exact battery percentage, so you know when it's time to recharge.


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