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Philips Multigroom Series 1000 MG1100/16 - Gadgitechstore.com
Philips Multigroom Series 1000 MG1100/16
  • SKU: MG1100/16

Philips Multigroom Series 1000 MG1100/16

$ 45.00 USD
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  • Vendor: Philips
  • Product Type: Personal Care
  • Product Purchase Points: 45
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Product Features

  • Dual Cut precision trimmer
  • DualCut Technology
  • Skin-friendly detail shaver
  • 3 precision combs
  • Water resistant
  • Brush
  • Soft rubber grip
  • AA battery included
  • No oil needed, ever

The Philips Multigroom Series 1000 gives power & precision to trim, shape & shave facial hair. Trim & shape your beard evenly with the advanced DualCut trimmer & the combs. Define precise lines, edges & contours with the detail shaver. S


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